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Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a fantastic way to teach the children many amazing skills. They will also have tons of Fun, become more active and learn to relax.

Classes: Wednesday 4pm - 4.30pm booked Termly. £6 per class.

Children will learn a variety of exercises and great mental lessons through story telling and themes. They will learn about different attitudes and behaviours including to be brave, to be more focused and more relaxed. They will learn Breathing Techniques which will help them be more aware and calm. The classes teach the children to be more caring, compassionate and learn to get on with each other better. Kids Yoga helps the more excited children to connect to their calmer side and the more reserved and shy ones to come out of their shell some more.

The class structure creates a peaceful and safe environment which can become their own sanctuary where they can be true to themselves without any judgements. Kids Yoga is a beautiful way to enhance the child's spirit in a fun and exciting way and it also delivers a wonderful peace of mind to the Parents as they can rest assured that their little ones are reaping positive benefits. Studies show the immense benefits of Yoga in schools all over the country and all over the world as Kids Yoga becomes more and more popular helping kids to become more open, communicative, calmer and do much better in all their learning activities even at a very young age. Kids Yoga is an incredible way of helping the child to grow into a more mentally, physically and spiritually secure individual in later life.'

The sessions are around 40 mins long depending on age. The younger ones are distracted more quickly so we keep their sessions shorter but fun and with the slightly older year groups we can add more q&a, mental exercises, and holding the postures longer.

We also run Kids Yoga weekends in the UK
For more information contact us here.


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