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Raise your Vibration workshop


With Kiran Shashi

Sunday 7th October 2018

10am – 5pm

Farnham Common

As some of you are aware I have been working on my first book, ‘Raising the vibrations’. Its an in depth journey and explanation of 16 ways to raise the bodies vibrations. Yoga being just one of the chapters.

I plan to run a workshop alongside the book on Sunday 7th October.

We will go through the 16 chapters of the book looking at every area of your life to influence and lift the being’s vibrations. LIFTING YOU TO A STATE WHERE YOU CAN BEGIN ATTRACTING YOUR VIBRATIONAL TRIBE, YOUR VIBRATIONAL CAREER, VIBRATIONAL PARTNERS AND MORE.

The Workshop will teach the participants techniques and powerful ways in Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Chakras, Nutrition, Time, Colours, Money, Nature, Ego, Relationships and so much more to change ones vibrational energy to manifest a much lighter, happier and abundant life.

If you feel that any of the following need help and change: Your body, Mind, Resources, Career and relationships, then this is the perfect workshop for you!

The Workshop will begin at 10am and finish at 5pm with an hour for lunch and tea breaks in between. The location will be confirmed once I have final numbers attending but we aim to keep it local near the Farnham Common area.

I am very excited to be running this workshop along side the preparation of releasing my book and exploring even more ways to raise the Vibrations completely transforming a persons life to one of abundance.

To book on please contact me with your name and number of attendees.

The Cost of the workshop is £99.00 with an early bird offer for bookings before October at just £88.00

With the most Blessings and Love

Be Lifted!

Kiran Shashi



Reiki and Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday 13th January 2018

Start your New Year by Powering the energy of Reiki, Balancing your Chakras and Entering the Space that is the Present state of Awareness. Lifting your Vibrations to attract Love and Abundance into your life in 2018.

Special Seasonal offer: £59 

Almost Fully booked. Contact to book on. 

Circulation, Breathing and Mindfulness workshop

Sunday 8th April. 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Farnham Common Sports Club, One Pin Lane, Slough, SL23QY

Helping heal Symptoms such as Arthritis, Muscalar, Back, Knee and shoulder pain, Anxiety, Brreathing difficulties, Lack of energy and indigestion, Learning to control the breath, and practicing corect mindful relaxation. We will also be going through foods that improve circulation and foods to remove from the diet.

The cost: Only £44. PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE Via Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer before the workshop date.

Contact to book on or for more info.



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